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2015-11-02 12:10 pm
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RiD 2015 Episodes

So since RiD’15 has been confirmed as not actually a sequel to Prime, but a friend still wanted to have some handle on the continuity of the series without the Con of the Day filler, I wrote her up an episode guide from when I was watching the Canadian TV release. The season is 26 episodes long, 12 of which I believe to have significance to the plot and an additional, optional 3 that passingly reference/foreshadow plot and Prime.


1 "Pilot (Part 1)"
2 "Pilot (Part 2)"
-Series Pilot

3 "Trust Exercises"
-Introduces Steeljaw

*5 "W.W.O.D.?"
-Brief appearance of Optimus to reassure Bumblebee of his leadership abilities

6 "As the Kospego Commands!"
-Introduces Decepticon Hunters

10 "Can You Dig It?"
-Introduces Jazz

12 "Hunting Season"
-Introduces Drift, Slipstream, Jetstorm

13 "Out of Focus"
-Features Optimus

17 "One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing"
-Drift & Minicons join Team Bee

*20 "The Trouble with Fixit"
-Brief appearance of Optimus to warn Bumblebee about an impending evil

21 "Lockout"
-Introduces Megatronus

23 "The Buzz on Windblade"
-Introduces Windblade

*24 "Ghosts and Imposters"
-First use of Ground Bridge, callback to Prime/Nevada

25 "Battlegrounds, Part 1"
26 "Battlegrounds, Part 2"
-Season Finale